Supervised Parenting Time refers to parenting time during which a third party is responsible for observing and ensuring the safety of the child(ren) is present. Supervised parenting time is often court ordered following serious allegations of abuse or neglect of one or more children by a parent of the child(ren). Supervised parenting time is an excellent tool that can help families transition through difficult times.

It is important that children are provided the opportunity to have a relationship with both of their parents in the safest manner possible. Supervised parenting time provides an opportunity for children and the visiting parent to continue their relationship when it might not otherwise be possible. Calvary Counseling Center’s Safe Haven program provides  supervised parenting time  for children to have safe contact with the visiting parent, without being put in the middle of parental conflict.

Calvary Counseling Center is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network ( All Calvary supervisors have an undergraduate or graduate degree in  counseling or mental health, and are experienced and trained in child abuse and neglect cases. Supervised parenting time is available on-site (Only) to help provide maximum comfort for the child(ren), and is offered in blocks of one to six hours on evenings and weekends.

Supervised Exchanges

Supervised exchanges are offered at The Calvary Counseling Center office (Only). An initial intake appointment is required prior to arranging the first supervised parenting time. Prior to initiating supervised exchange, The Calvary Counseling Center will separately meet with each parent and the child to complete an intake process. Supervised exchange provides families the opportunity to exchange their child(ren) without coming in contact with the other parent, minimizing the conflict between parents and providing for a neutral safe environment for all parties involved. The parent dropping off the child(ren) will leave the child(ren) with a licensed professional at the designated exchange location 15 minutes before the scheduled exchange time and immediately leave the premises. The parent picking up the child(ren) will arrive at the designated exchange location 15 minutes after the children’s arrival. Parents have absolutely no contact during these exchanges. Each parent is required to sign in and their arrival/departure times are documented.