Calvary's Therapeutic Intervention Program (T.I.P.) is structured to help individuals learn to accept responsibility for criminal behavior. For those individuals who require psycho-educational intervention, we offer a cognitive behavior/restructuring curriculum. This evidence based curriculum is designed to help clients overcome faulty thinking and self-defeating behaviors. It also addresses the crimes of shoplifting and theft. This class focuses on losses to retailers and the economic effects on the community. It is designed to help the adult offenders realize the impact of their behavior on themselves and others, as well as develop skills needed to avoid future theft. All adult participants are required to engage in a comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment and given clinical recommendations. Participants will learn to identify necessary steps to take in order to make a positive change, avoid future offenses and to handle stress as related to their behavior.

Calvary Counseling Center is now offering intervention programs for adult clients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Learn more about our Deaf or Hard of Hearing Services.

To register for a 3 hour Saturday class PLEASE CALL 703-530-9800.

In addition all adults must have an assessment in order to enroll in the class.


The following forms must be filled out prior to your first session: